A terrifying adventure that will make you scream


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Haunt is an adventure game based on the popular legend of 'slender man', in which you have to survive an unexpected adventure through the country. The reason is that, without really knowing why, you wake up in a strange forest in the middle of the night, with only the help of a flashlight.

From this moment, your only objective will be to survive the constant harassment of 'slender man', a terrifying, relentless figure that will kill you if it ever catches you.

The mechanics of the games is, well, very simple in theory but not so simple in practice. From a first person perspective you have to escape your terrifying enemy. You will run through forest, abandoned houses, and even more sinister sites, trying to escape.

On a graphics level, Haunt is a spectacular game. Despite it being an independent and free title, it has some very detailed scenarios and some light-effects that at times will play tricks on you.

Haunt is a terror immersion game that is free, visually stunning, and one that can last a while. It also has enough replay value that you can enjoy it many times over.
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